I knew he would never leave me. Like a recurrent STD..

Come to see my first ever standup comedy gig. As readers of bloginhotpants will know, I am the most successful and attractive person in the online dating universe. The number of years I’ve spent on dating websites: 20. The number of people I’ve slept with: 1.

Maybe there’s a problem with my dating username “Bunny Boiler.” That was what the only man I fancied on Guardian Soulmates called me on our first date. Actually our only date. But I have had a real boyfriend in the last fifteen years. Fourteen years ago. He was an ex-armed robber, pimp and drug dealer. Who says men can’t multi-task?

The Museum of Comedy The Undercroft St George’s Church Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2SR Wednesday 2nd October 7pm turn up or book here https://bit.ly/2mP2cQe


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