Shortlisted for Amnesty Media Awards for my investigation of lockdown police Use of Force

After months of investigation, I broke this story featuring a major UK-wide probe into the sharp rise in police use of force (UofF) during the full national lockdown – April/May 2020 – compared to the same months the year before.

The investigation reached a broad demographic of over 10 million people – from teenagers to pensioners – across a variety of media platforms including online, radio, TV and print.

After publication on the BBC News website (over 640K page views) the story showcased on the main news bulletin for BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat (audience 8 million, 6 million online). Subsequently, it featured on BBC1 London main news bulletin (audience 600,000). It headlined as a 12 minute film on BBC2 Newsnight (audience 600,000). It was heard on a BBC Radio 4 morning bulletin (audience 5 million) It featured as a double-page in the Guardian the Mail and the Metro 

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