Caroline Turriff

Is now working as a freelance mental health and addiction reporter for BBC Radio 4, BBC London TV, the Sunday Times, the Times, the Telegraph and the Guardian. Previously was writing a blog about her mishaps with men, mental health problems, journalism and drugs.  The blog has had more than 40,000 hits on WordPress and a US addiction website.  It combines dark humour with sharp insights about addiction and mental health.

18 thoughts on “Caroline Turriff

      • For 18 years I had bulimia. 3 years ago I stopped vomiting but the functional consequences of my body are terrible, since it does not admit the food anymore (I developted gastroparesis), so I need urgent help from your side please!… How did you recovery your digestion? My body does not process the food at all and I can not go to the toilet. Doctors do not give me any hope. I am in a very complicated situation and I am afraid that my body will not endure much longer. Also they had crowned my teeth. I feel so so bad about it as well…..


      • Apart from damaging the enamel on my teeth I did not do any harm to my body through my bulimia so I’m really sorry but I can’t advise you how to improve your physical problems. I hope with the doctors help you manage to get some recovery from your symptoms. Sorry I couldn’t help Caroline x


  1. Boy can I relate with a lot of your words. I started my blog recently about my recovery with drugs and narcissistic abuse and some health problems (and divorce). Follow me. Can’t wait to read more. Thanks for your honesty.

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  2. Hi Caroline…isn’t Jacqueline’s party amazing? I saw you over there having the time of your life so I stop by to see how you are doing. Keep parting we’ll chat soon.



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