Widely published at last! 


After crashing out of my career as a reporter for the BBC and national newspapers because of my drug addiction and mental health problems I am now, at 12 years clean, a professional journalist again! I have written reports about mental health and addiction for the Sunday Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/deaths-spark-care-fears-at-prioryhospitals-jdtf38khp  The Times      https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/huge-rise-in-middle-aged-drinkers-with-brain-damage-n5zgcwzf5 the Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/black-bruises-didnt-recognise-domestic-abuse-calls-reach-all/  I also have upcoming commissions for the Guardian and several ideas for the BBC!

Thank you for all your support for my blog.


17 thoughts on “Widely published at last! 

  1. Dear Caroline, So well done, you! I look forward to future articles. Keep us informed. Very best wishes, Rosie


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  2. Those are great articles, I found them interesting and worthwhile, good to see they were so readable! Often when reading newspaper articles, journo’s have neglected to check some sentences even make sense! It really bugs me that! No such problems there – I notice there are lots of critical comments under the drinking one! I think some of your readers must have spilled their drink, ha,ha, seriously tho, it is indeed a big problem, I know lots of hard working folk who drink way too much, simply because their lives are too hectic and tiring, I think they are under the impression that its ok, cos its wine, but in fact its way stronger than they think – shocking.

    The one about the Priory was very interesting, I don’t know much about that set up, because so many celebs have been there, I kind of assumed it was exclusive and well staffed. Its a shame really, I know so many people who could have benefited from help when they needed it, but they were in fact just left to themselves. The so called safety net is full of holes – big ones.

    The domestic abuse one too was interesting, its shocking that its still endemic, and across the board too – really appalling what goes on out there. On a slightly side note, I used to rent a room in a house, then yrs later I met a woman who it emerged lived at the same address, all those yrs later. She was living with an abuser, her life was awful, I really felt for her, last time I saw her I’m sure she daren’t even speak cos she was still with him – what a life!

    Keep us informed about more article if possible please! I had saved the email link for my reading list, really so good to hear from you! ❤ 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for your message Ogden you are such a supporter of my blog and writing I really appreciate it. I’m glad your images are digital or you would have had thousands of paintings clogging up your house! I bought a painting from a postman and when I went to his flat to pick it up the whole flat was covered in similar paintings which he obviously hadn’t sold. I thought they were really good though! I’m sure we’ll be in contact on WordPress or Facebook soon xxx

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