Making waves in Parliament with my addiction mental health journalism


My writing about addiction and mental health for national newspapers is having a major impact! A Cross party Parliamentary group of UK MPs is to meet on July 12th to discuss my latest Guardian investigation – massive funding cuts for drug and alcohol treatment which is leading to deaths. 

Another exclusive groundbreaking story was for the Times showing the levels of alcohol related brain damage among older people had gone up by more than 300%

And for the Sunday Times on the resignation of the Chief Executive of the Priory and extent of suicides at the UK’s largest private mental health provider. The Priory said the two were unconnected.

I have also written about domestic violence and abuse for the Telegraph with harrowing case studies

Please send me exclusive story ideas about mental health and addiction that have not been covered before by national media. I am now working on stories for BBC Radio as well as the Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Times and the Telegraph

This return to professional journalism at 12 years clean is welcome after crashing out of my career as a reporter for the BBC and national newspapers because of my drug addiction and mental health problems in 2005.

Thank you for supporting my blog without which this return to professional journalism would never have happened.

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6 thoughts on “Making waves in Parliament with my addiction mental health journalism

  1. It’s troubling that many governments around the world who have adopted austerity measures are cutting vital services that people need. Without help some people suffer greatly and that is a true tragedy.

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  2. Caroline… wow, this is amazing. What a professional achievement to write in such great, well known newspapers. What can I say?: I am so proud of knowing you. The topics are socially important, and your articles even have impacts on Parliamentary groups. I´ll make sure to read them in depth. Thank you!- Cheers and outstanding ovations!… Sending love & best wishes 😉 🙂

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  3. Hi Aquileana thanks so much for your comment and sorry for the delay in response as I have been neglecting the blog a bit while I move forwards with the journalism. But I really appreciate all your support for the blog and the re-tweets you have given me and your posts are fascinating. love Caroline xx


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